How To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria

How To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria. Looking For How To Get A Job And Relocate To Canada? Check This Post Now. 

How To Get A Job In Canada

Do you want to get a job outside Nigeria, precisely Canada and you are confused on how to go about it? Are you looking to getting the perfect job for you in Canada? Then this article is for you, as we will be discussing how you can get a job in Canada while in Nigeria.

How Can I Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria?

We all know how jobs in Nigeria has been a tough one to get and most times even when applicants gets these jobs in Nigeria, the salaries may be undermining and now many Nigerians now look outside the country for hope of survival, because to be able to land your dream job in any sector in Nigeria, you must have the best qualifications and also have the right connections with you too. Now in this article, we will be discussing on how you can get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

Truth is, there are a-lot of job opportunities in Canada and there are also better standard of living there too, and that is why it has become a norm for many Nigerians to now look for job opportunities in Canada, the best part to this is that, you can even easily build and start a career over there from Nigeria, you just need to know the best moves to adopt and take. This article is going to help unveil the right moves to take;

  1. Create A Good Resume
  2. Search For Canadian Job Websites
  3. Network With People There
  4. Create An Amazing Cover Letter

5 Take Online Courses & Seminars

  1. Apply For That Job
  2. Get A Canadian Work Permit

How To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria

1. Create A Good Resume

First on our list is for you to create an entertaining resume.  It would interest you to know that many Nigerians who got Canadian jobs crafted out a well drafted resume that left a good impression of them. A good resume speaks for you and leaves your employer speechless and only more impressed. Since you are looking out to getting a Canadian job? Then you need a perfect resume.

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2. Search For Canadian Job Websites

There are so many job websites for you to search on for jobs in Canada. This is another right step in getting your dream job in Canada. It would be exciting for you to know that many Nigerians who now relocated to Canada on job roles they got, had these jobs by merely researching job websites. Some of these websites to search on are Indeed, Glassdoor and many others.

3. Network With People There

Next on our list is the need to network with as much people that you can, especially those in Canada, as they give you more experience about the environment there and the way to live there in Canada. Preparing to get a job in Canada, you need to directly get accustomed and be very close there, these people can even give you the best offers on Jobs over there in Canada. To network better with people, you need to attend conferences, seminars and career events, network with people with the same mind as you.

4. Create An Amazing Cover Letter

A cover letter speaks for you directly to your employer, even more better than your resume. You should be very confident on your cover letter, state what role you are applying for and tell your employer why you are perfectly for this role/job. Make no mistake of completely lost in talking about yourself more than the company you are applying to be part of, this is very important, as you need to be more concerned in talking about the company than yourself. Researching well about this company will be very crucial for you in writing your cover letter.

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5. Take Online Courses & Seminars

Taking online courses is also as important as your resume. There are so many platforms online that offer course in different areas for very little cost. You can choose to take courses related to the field you wish to work in, this will be very helpful too. Some of these platforms include. LinkedIn, Learning, edX, Alison and others. The exciting thing about these platforms is that they give you certificate after you have completed the course at the end and these certificates can be an added advantage to your resume.

6. Apply For That Job

Applying for that job is needed, because if you don’t apply, how do you get the job? So it is very important you push and apply for that dream job in Canada. There is no two ways to this, because for every job, an application must be done for you to be invited for the job on an interview. So the next step for you to get that job? Apply!

7. Get A Canadian Work Permit

The last on our list on how you need to get a job in Canada from Nigeria is this. This document is very important for you, it is crucial in getting that dream job in Canada. This document paves way for you to work in Canada legally for an agreed duration of time. This document can only be acquired after you have gotten a job from a Canadian employer  and this your employer must also have obtained a (LMIA), this is also a document that gives your employer the right to employ international skilled and qualified workers for jobs that the citizens of Canada cannot take. To get a Canadian work permit, you need some other documents to present, Proof of job offer, your international passport, your passport photographs is needed, proof that you will move out of the country when your expiration date comes, you need your proof of financial ability too, medical fitness proof and also your academic certificates and some other few documents too. Another means of boosting your chances of getting this sorted out faster is the Empress Entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I Go To Canada And Find A Job?

Foreign workers can, and do, get jobs in Canada.

2. Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It?

One of the best countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Canada.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Go To Canada From Nigeria?

The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Canada is to fly which costs $600 – $1,800 and takes 17h 6m.

4. Is It Easy To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria?

Finding a job in Canada is not as tough as many people believe, nor is it as simple as travel brokers make it appear.

5. Is It Possible To Get A Job In Canada While In Nigeria?

Nigeria citizens need a visa to enter Canada.

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