100+ Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

100+ Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings. Get Nice Anime Names That You Can Give Your Kids. Check This Post Now.

Anime Names

Are you looking for cool anime names to call your favorite anime friend lovers? Do you want to know some cool anime names? Then this article is for you, as we will be mentioning some cool anime names for both boys and girls and even their meanings.

100+ Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

Anime cartoons and movies are known to have weird names for their characters and many anime lovers are always excited to hear some of these names, as some anime lovers, even go ahead to name their close friends these names and with anime being very popular globally, it is no surprise that anime character names have also become commonly used as baby names recently and even in past years. In this article, we will be giving you some of these anime names that are cool for both boys and girls and we will even be giving out their meanings too;

1. Arata

Meaning:  Fresh or new

2. Ash

Meaning: One of the ash tree

3. Brocks

Meaning: Someone who looks like a badger

4. Cedric

Meaning: Kind and loved

5. Rin

Meaning: Dignified Demon

6. Cloud

Meaning: Visible vapor

7. Hei

Meaning: Jewel or blessing

8. Makoto

Meaning: Truth or sincerity

9. Haruka

Meaning: Remote or distant

10. Aoi

Meaning: Wholesome person

11. Dai

Meaning: To shine

12. Daiki

Meaning: Shining

13. Denki

Meaning: Electricity

14. Daisuki

Meaning: Great

15. Haruka

Meaning: Fragrant blossom or flower

16. Goku

Meaning: Aware of emptiness

17. Gohan

Meaning: Cooked meal

18. Etsuko

Meaning: Child of joy or happiness

19. Hayate

Meaning: Sudden or sound of wind.

20. Hideaki

Meaning: Excellent

21. Hiashi

Meaning: Long lived

22. Chi

Meaning: Blood

23. Kushina

Meaning: Beautiful black stone

24. Ayano

Meaning: Colour

25. Kohaku

Meaning: Amber

26. Akane

Meaning: Brilliant or deep red.

27. Sora

Meaning: Sky

28. Uiharu

Meaning: Early Spring

29. Nagisa

Meaning: Beach or water’s edge

30. Moriko

Meaning: Forest

31. Chinatsu

Meaning: A thousand summers

32. Fabuki

Meaning: Snowstorm

33. Kanna

Meaning: Summer waves.

34. Namani

Meaning: Seven seas.

35. Miyako

Meaning: Beautiful night

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36. Nobue

Meaning: Delight or pleasure

37. Nadia

Meaning: Delicate, moist or tender

38. Aiko

Meaning: Love child

39. Aika

Meaning: Time

40. Abigail

Meaning: My father’s joy

41. Hiroshi

Meaning: Generous

42. Hiro

Meaning: Abundant or prosperous

43. Hinata

Meaning: Sunny place

44. Hikaru

Meaning: Pioneer

45. Kaito

Meaning: Ocean

46. Jiro

Meaning: Second son

47. Isamu

Meaning: Courage

48. Inuyasha

Meaning: Dog demon

49. Ichigo

Meaning: Strawberry

50. Hotaru

Meaning: Firefly

51. Hiroyuki

Meaning: Peace and harmony

52. Kuro

Meaning: Black

53. Kenta

Meaning: Healthy

54. Katsuyu

Meaning: Divide

55. Katsuki

Meaning: Victorious

56. Roronoa

Meaning: French Pirate

57. Piccolo

Meaning: Small

58. Otaku

Meaning: Another person’s family or house

59. Naruto

Meaning: Fish cake

60. Masashi


61. Rika

Meaning: Pear or flowers

62. Aimi

Meaning: Beautiful love

63. Rena

Meaning: Born again

64. Akeno

Meaning: Morning

65. Aki

Meaning: Bright

66. Hanako

Meaning: Flower child

67. Asuka

Meaning: Perfume

68. Itsuwa

Meaning: Peace or calm

69. Kyouko

Meaning: Respectful or influential

70. Mikasa

Meaning: Beautiful blossom flower

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71. Shizuka

Meaning: Quiet

72. Tohru

Meaning: Clear

73. Usagi

Meaning: Rabbit

74. Shion

Meaning: Aster

75. Tamaki

Meaning: Ring

76. Taiga

Meaning: World tiger

77. Sofiya

Meaning: Wisdom

78. Tomoko

Meaning: Wisdom child

79. Yakumo

Meaning: Eight clouds

80. Yuki

Meaning: Happiness or snow

81. Sakura

Meaning: Cherry blossom

82. Aya

Meaning: Beautiful or colorful

83. Ai

Meaning: Indigo

84. Asami

Meaning: Future

85. Yui

Meaning: To tie or bind.

86. Zankoku

Meaning: The unforgiving one

87. Youkai

Meaning: Spirit or phantom

88. Nikushimi

Meaning: The spiteful one.

89. Akui

Meaning: Malicious

90. Karatachi

Meaning: Trifoliate orange.

91. Aoki

Meaning: An evergreen blue tree

92. Ayane

Meaning: Wonderful

93. Bashira

Meaning: Joyful

94. Teru

Meaning: Brilliant

95. Tatsuya

Meaning: To achieve

96. Tanjiro

Meaning: High valued second son

97. Piccolo

Meaning: Small

98. Chikai

Meaning: Sparkling light

99. Cho

Meaning: Butterfly

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100. Diya

Meaning: Goddess.

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