Train Driver Salary In 2023 / How Much Does A Train Driver Make?

Train Driver Salary In 2023 / How Much Does A Train Driver Make?. Get Valid Information On How Much Train Drivers Earn. Check This Post Now. 

Train Driver Salary

Are you looking into knowing what train drivers earn? Do you want to know a train driver’s salary? Then stay on this article, we will be guiding you on how much a train driver earns in 2023.

Who Is A Train Driver?

A train driver is someone who pilots a train and takes people to their different destinations.

Train Driver Salary In 2023 / How Much Does A Train Driver Make?

First of all when we are looking at earnings and salaries, we all know that there different factors to consider and these factors are what determine an amount a certain individual will be paid, in any working sector, whether self employed or working under someone.

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What Are The Factors?

  1. Experience
  2. Education Level
  3. Gender

Factors That Determine The Salary Of Train Drivers

1. Experience

In every working sector, one of the factors in determining a salary and what a man earns, the years of experience matters a lot, the more the experience, the higher your wage and salary and so even train drivers are involved in this too, for train drivers with a lot of experience, they earn higher and so much more, than those with less experience.

Additionally, train drivers who have up to ten to fifteen years get a salary equivalent to NGN 143,000. This salary is 24% more than someone with less than these experiences. With those with higher experiences up to fifteen and twenty years, then the expected salary is around NGN 153,000 or more. Lastly those with experiences higher than twenty years of experience, the salary of train drivers with these experience is around NGN 163,000 and that’s about 7% more than people with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

Train Driver Average Salary By Experience In Nigeria

  1. 0-2 Years – NGN 65,100
  2. 2-5 Years – NGN 83,700
  3. 5-10 Years – NGN 115,000
  4. 10-15 Years – NGN 143,000
  5. 15-20 Years – NGN 153,000
  6. 20+ Years – NGN 163,000

2. Education Level

Most people don’t have an idea as how education levels affect salaries of train drivers. We definitely know that education is really important and the higher the education, the bigger the salary. In this article, we have analyzed train driver salaries by education level.

When it comes to high school education, the average salary of a train driver is NGN 83,700 per month, they earn as high as this with just a high school degree. While graduates with a Diploma or any certificate earns up to NGN 120,000 per month and that is 43% more than those with just high school certificate. Lastly those with a Bachelors Degree earns as high as NGN 165,000 per month and that’s equally 3% higher than those with Certificate or Diploma.

Train Driver Average Salary By Education In Nigeria

  1.  High School – NGN 83,700
  2. Certificate Or Diploma – NGN 120,000
  3. Bachelor’s Degree – NGN 165,000

3. Gender

Do you also know that genders affects the earning of train drivers, now the question remains, who earns the more between the male and female? Reports states that train drivers employees earn in higher percentage than the female train drivers. Male train drivers employees in the country earn 13% more than their female counterparts in Nigeria.

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Train Driver Average Salary By Gender In Nigeria

  1. Male – NGN 117,000
  2. Female – NGN 104,000

Conclusions. All of these  factors that we have listed above in this article are factors  that determine the earning of train drivers in 2023, from experience, down to education and then to genders, these are important factors that determine the various earnings of train drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  How Much Is A Train Driver Paid In UK?

The train driver salary in 2022 is around Euro 59,864/yr, but it can be significantly higher for people who choose to do overtime work, especially on Sundays.

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2. How Much Does A Train Driver Earn In The US?

The national average salary for a Train Driver is $48,597 in United States.

3. How Many Hours Do Train Drivers Work?

A Train driver can expect to work 35-40 hours a week.

4. Is It Hard To Become A Train Driver?

With this in mind, the train driver application process is extremely competitive.

5. Do Train drivers Work Alone?

You would usually work alone in the driver’s cab during the journey.

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