100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria (2023) – Highly Profitable

100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria (2023) – Highly Profitable. Small Scale Businesses Are Businesses That Require Little Or No Capital. Get A Detailed List Of The Most Profitable Small Scale Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria Today. Check This Post. 

Small Scale Business


Are you in need of business ideas? Are you confused on what business to start up? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, I am going to show you different business ideas that would inspire and not just limit you to doing just one thing. Let’ get started!

What Is A Small Scale Business?

A small scale business is simply any kind of business that does not require so much capital to start up. Since this business does not require having a fortune to set up, it is referred to as small scale.

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What Are Some Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria?

Here are some of the most profitable small scale  businesses in Nigeria:

  1. Pure water business
    2. Ice block production business
    3. Cement block production business
    4. Paving stones production business
    5. Set up an Art gallery
    6. Start a Transportation business
    7. Wedding planning
    8. Web designing and development services.
    9. Educational and tutorial centres.
    10. Daycare Centre
    11. Computer school
    12. Language schools
    13. Importation of Textiles
    14. Designer clothes importation
    15. Laptop importation business
    16. Computer and mobile phones accessories
    17. New and Fairly Used car importation
    18. Start Video club for home movies
    19. Start Social clubs
    20. Start Fitness centres
    21. Start Recreational centres
    22. Set up restaurants
    23. Build guest Houses
    24. Start Driving school
    25. Start logistics business
    26. Start Ice cream production
    27. Start Snail farming
    28. Start Poultry farming for egg and/or meat production.
    29. Set up a Piggery
    30. Start a profitable catfish farming
    31. Offer Consulting services
    32. Real estate agency business
    33. Real estate investment business
    34. Start Cement production business
    35. repair and maintenance services
    36. Home delivery services
    37. Offer Catering services
    38. Make money as s Blogger Blogging online
    39. Article writing business
    40. Online Forex trading business
    41. Internet marketing and information marketing.
    42. Internet Affiliate marketing
    43. Fashion designing and tailoring business
    44. Offer Computer and mobile phone repair services
    45. Offer Plumbing and electrical services
    46. Start a Provision store
    47. Start Tomato and pepper farming
    48. Start Home movie production business
    49. Open a Jewellery store
    50. Open a Bridal store
    51. Start a Travelling agency business
    52. Offer Educational consulting services
    53. Offer Tax consulting services
    54. Start Recharge card printing business
    55. Biscuit production business
    56. Solar energy installation business
    57. Start Solar energy equipment sales business
    58. Inverters and batter sales business
    59. Cheap laptop importation and sales business
    60. Offer Computer services
    61. Start Natural Juice production and sales business
    62. Start Health products business
    63. Start Pharmacy retail stores
    64. Start a Praying Ministry but make sure you are genuine.
    65. Start an Electrical and Electronics business
    66. Start Carpentry business
    67. Offer Waste disposal services
    68. Start Waste recycling business
    69. Start Fertilizer production business
    70. Offer Painting services
    71. Set up Hairdressing salons
    72. Start Manicure, pedicure and even facials’ salons
    73. Start Flower farming and sales
    74. Start a job Employment agency
    75. Start GSM Phone repairs and servicing
    76. Offer Wedding consultation and planning services
    77. Start Party planning business
    78. Start a Private library service
    79. Offer Newspaper archive service
    80. Offer Final accounts preparation for companies
    81. Start Firewood sales business
    82. Start Dry cleaning business
    83. Offer Laundry services
    84. Offer Car wash services
    85. Start Home security equipment sales business
    86. Offer property Security services
    87. Offer Photography services
    88. Paper collection and recycling business
    89. Start offering Monogramming, embroidery and branding items services.
    90. Render Printing services
    91. Start Courier business
    92. Organise Seminar and workshops and make money daily
    93. Make money from Internet ebook sales business
    94. Make money with Bulk SMS business and Solutions
    95. Offer online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
    96. Offer Internet advertising services
    97. Start an online Recruitment agency
    98. Start Dog breeding business and pet breeding business
    99. Start Weight loss product business
    100. Start Bread production business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Small Scale Business Yield Money?

Yes, small scale businesses can be very profitable.

2. Can I Start A Small Scale Farming Business?

Yes, this is very much possible

3. Is Tech Business Profitable?

Yes, tech business is very profitable because of the fast growing rate of technology.

4. What Are The Most Consumed Goods?

Food items

5. Can I Start A Small Scale Business With #20,000?


6. Can I Make Money Daily?

Yes, there are different small scale businesses that you can start up and earn money daily.

7. Can I Start Up A Business Without Money?

Yes, but not every kind of business. Most businesses require money for startup.

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8. Can I Become A Millionaire With A Business?

Yes, most millionaires are business owners. here, there is no limit to your profit.

9. What Is The Secret To Being Rich?

Having a plan

10. Can I Become Wealthy In A Day?

Most wealths are built over time.

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