How To Get/Remove Water Out Of Phone – Android And iPhone

How To Get/Remove Water Out Of Phone – Android And iPhone. Get Informed On How To Get Rid Of Water From A Water Logged Phone. Check This Post Now.

How To Get Water Out Of Phone

Are you having issues with trying to get water out of your phone? worry no more as you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, i am going to show you how to easily get water out of your phone whether it is an android phone or an iPhone. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right into it.
We have all at one point or the other struggled to get water out of our phones, even a number of us has gotten our phones damaged as a result of having water in it without an iota of idea on what to do. The good news now is there is a solution to leaving our phones getting damaged due to water.

How Can Water Damage My Phone?

There are different levels of damage water can do to our phones. Sometimes, it can be minimal but if you are not fortunate enough and your phone took in so much water for a long time, water can get into different parts of your phone was which may include your phone screen, the battery as well as the charging port.

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What Are Some Of The Things To Notice If Water Has Damaged My Phone?

Here are some of the signs you would see if your phone has been damaged by water:
1. Distorted audio from the speaker of your phone
2. Inability to charge
3. Inability to display images or play audio
4. Moisture behind the screen
5. Inability to pick a call
6. Inability to restart your device and so on.

What Do I Do If My Phone Touches Water?

Here are some measures to take if your phone mistakenly drops into water:

1. Remove From The Water

Get it out of the water and take it to a dry place. As you are doing this, be careful not to shake your phone excessively as this can get water into other internal parts of the phone. Put the phone on a dry towel so that the water can drain off.

2. Switch Off Your Device

Next, make sure you switch off your device so that electrical currents would not make the damage worse. Also, avoid plugging in your phone.

3. Remove The Case

Take out the phone case and clean it with a dry towel or napkin. Make sure you do not try putting the case back till you are sure that your is completely dried.

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4. Take Out The Battery And Other Accessories

If your phone has a removable battery, it is best you take it out as well as other internal components such as sim cards, SD cards and so on. Let them dry out too.

5. Give Your Phone Some Time

Do not be in a hurry to switch on your phone to check if it is still working, give it time to completely dry out.

How Can I Get Water Out Of My Phone?

Here are some methods that works on how to get water out of your phone:
1. Using The Rice Method
2. Silica Gel
3. Professional Drying

How To Get/Remove Water Out Of Phone

1. Using The Rice Method

The idea of the method is the fact rice absorbs water and it can help drag water out of a phone that has water trapped in it. All you need to do is bury your waterlogged device inside raw rice. You can leave this for up to 24 hours before taking it out.

2. Silica Gel

Next, we have the silica gel method. Silica gel is known to absorb moisture. To use this method, you would need to get as many dry silica gel packets as possible. Place them inside a bag, add your device that is water logged. Wait for a few days before taking the device out.

3. Professional Drying

After trying these methods and they fail to work, you can take your device for professional dying where they can use heat, vacuums to dry your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is iPhone 13 Waterproof?

iPhone 13 is water resistant

2. Can iPhone 14 Take Pictures Underwater?

Yes, you can take pictures underwater with an iPhone 14 but only within 1 to 2 meters

3. Does iPhone 13 Have Fingerprint?


4. Does iPhone 14 Take Night Photos?


5. Does Face ID Work In The Dark?

Yes it does.

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