Why Lawyers Are Called Esquire: Meaning, Origin And Reasons

One Of The Best Professions In The World is Law. All Lawyers Are Referred To As Esquire. Find Out Why Lawyers Are Called Esquire, Meaning And Origin Of The Word. 

Why Lawyers Are Called Esquire

Why Lawyers Are Called Esquire: Many times, we hear lawyers being called Esquire, or have even come across the abbreviation “Esq”. Do you know why? Well, we have got the answer in this article. In this piece, I am going to show you the meaning, origin as well as reasons lawyers are called Esquire. If this is the information you are looking for, then keep reading this article.

Origin Of Esquire

English is a language that has always been known to evolve in meaning of certain world over time. Discovering the origin of Esquire, we can tell how it relates in today’s world. The word “Esquire” was derived from the old French word “Esquier” which means shield bearer. It was also gotten from the Latin word “Scutum” which means “shield”.

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The use of the word originally was during the Middle Ages where men were grouped and respected according to their rank and status. The title of “Esquire” was given to a man above the gentleman status but below the Knight. Although, up until the 15th century, these men were called “Squires”.

The word has evolved over the years and has been used as title for different kind of dignitaries. In recent times, this word is used for lawyers, barristers and most people in the legal profession as the case may be.

Meaning Of Esquire

The modern definition of Esquire is simply a title used to address any one in the legal profession such as lawyers, attorneys, barristers and so on. Personally, since Esquire a title which originally means shield bearer, it is a title for lawyers which reflects on their intercessory powers for anyone that needs the services of a lawyer.

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Why Lawyers Are Called Esquire

The important question no to ask is “Why lawyers are called Esquire”. Well, according to the ethics committee of the Association of the Bar of the city of New York, if this title appears after a person’s name the person may be presumed to be a lawyer and as a result of this, lawyers used this title in their names.

Most importantly, this title was made for lawyers because there was a time when lawyers did not have a title unlike other professional careers. This is one of the reasons this title came to be. From the time this title was conceived till now, lawyers have continuously used it to signify that they are in the legal profession.

To sum this up, many countries have adopted this title for lawyers mainly because of colonization. Nigeria is a great example which adopted the English laws also adopted the title for lawyers. Hence, lawyers in Nigeria are refereed to as Esquire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Esquire Mean In Nigeria?

The word Esquire is used in honor which is mostly in its abbreviated form after the name of an attorney or a consular officer.

2. What Does Esq Stand For In Law?

Esq stands for Esquire

3. What Is The Traditional Meaning Of Esquire?

Shield bearer

4. What Other Titles Do Lawyers Bear In Nigeria?

Other titles given to lawyers in Nigeria are Barristers, solicitors, attorneys, advocates, legal practitioners and so on.

5. Is An Esquire A Barrister?

Yes, the titles attorney, lawyer, barrister and esquire are used frequently and are interchangeable when relating to law.


This post has provided valid information concerning the origin, meaning as well as reasons why lawyers are called Esquire. Before anyone can be called Esquire, he or she must have gone through a law school. If you have any question on this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below!

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