Who Is The Owner Of Nigeria? The Original Owner Of Nigeria

Who Is The Owner Of Nigeria? The Original Owner Of Nigeria Revealed. The Hidden Truth About Nigeria Discovered! 

Who Is The Owner Of Nigeria


Who Is The Owner Of Nigeria? The Original Owner Of Nigeria On Google Revealed: Have you ever wondered who owns Nigeria? or searched for who is the owner of nigeria on google? Do you want to find out? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to talk about Nigeria in particular and also who owns Nigeria. If you are interested in this, then keep reading!

Brief History Of Nigeria

The federal republic of Nigeria is a country in west Africa. Its capital is Abuja with more than 250 ethnic groups of which the majors are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. It is a country that has both Christians and Muslims. Apart from richness in culture, Nigeria is also rich with so many natural resources of which oil is the most prominent.

The earliest history of Nigeria can be dated to the 13,000 BC through early civilizations such as the NOK culture. The ancient Nigeria was made up of people from the Kingdom of Nri, the Benin empire, the Oyo empire, the Ife empire and so on.

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However, the history of modern-day Nigeria began when the Northern and southern protectorate was amalgamated by lord Frederick Lugard in 1914. Most times, when asked who created Nigeria, we say Lord Lugard because of this event. During this period, the modern-day Nigeria was still a British colony. On October 1st 1960, Nigeria gained independence from the British, this means that Nigeria became a state on its own without the influence of the British anymore.

However, the British still somehow managed to still be meddling in the affairs of Nigeria. This later led to Nigeria becoming a republic in 1963. From that time till now, Nigeria has become a total sovereign and independent state. For this reason, Nigeria is called the Federal republic of Nigeria.

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What Is The Official Language Of Nigeria?

Despite the fact that Nigeria is a multicultural country, there is no particular language called “Nigerian”. The official language of Nigeria is English.

Who Owns Nigeria?

Many people started getting interested in who owns Nigeria after a Nigerian comedian named Helen Paul google searched “Who is the owner of Nigeria”. The answer Google brought out was Aliko Dangote. The response spiked a lot of attention from people around the country as they also wanted to find out who the true owner of Nigeria is. The answer gotten from Google happens to be an algorithm mistake as people claimed.

Well, who do you think the owner of Nigeria is? Take a guess, let us find out below.

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The Original Owner Of Nigeria Revealed

The truth is that, nobody actually owns Nigeria. Even the president of Nigeria does not own Nigeria. Nigeria is a sovereign state and this means that nobody owns Nigeria and the ownership can only be vested in the citizens of the state. By this, I mean the Nigerians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Owns Nigeria?

Nobody owns Nigeria. It is a sovereign state.

2. What Language Do Nigerians Speak?

There is no language made for Nigerians itself. Different ethnic groups speak their own language but the official language for Nigeria is English

3. When Was The Northern And Southern Protectorate Amalgamated?

They were amalgamated in 1914.

4. When Did Nigeria Gain Independence?


5. When Was Nigeria A Republic?


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