What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat? Things To Know About The Slang

Slangs Are Getting More Popular By The Day Especially On Texts. Find Out What KMS Means On Snapchat And How To Respond To It. 

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat: Have you ever been lost when someone sends you a slang on text? Like “what does this even mean?” it is absolutely normal because there are way too much slangs today and it is very difficult to keep up with them. In this article, I am going to show you the meaning of one of the newest text slangs out there today which is KMS. If you are interested in finding out more about this slang, then keep reading this article.

Slangs are coded ways of telling you or passing a message to you. If you have a friend in danger or a difficult situation, he or she might want to send you a text on short forms, not being able to decode what it means can be life threatening. This is why we should keep ourselves updated with these slangs from time to time, you never can really tell when it would be very helpful. Find out more on what KMS means in the later part of this article.

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What Does KMS Mean?

KMS is simply a short form for “Kill myself”. Although this slang do not usually represent a suicidal attempt, it is just a dramatic short form that expresses disgust, sadness or how frustrating a situation can be. It is usually used on social media and over SMS when people get irritated or when they disagree with what you have put out there as content.

Even though this short form is not usually taken very seriously, if a person sends that message to you and they mean it, they are probably in some type of danger and they need help as fast as they can get. Over time, KMS has been mistaken to mean “kilometers” which is also correct.

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What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?

On snapchat, KMS has another different meaning from “Kill myself”. It can also mean Kilometers. However, this is highly based on the nature of conversation you are having with the person in question. From the explanation above, you can tell the difference when a person sends KMS to mean “Kill myself” and when it means “Kilometers”.

When To Use KMS

The use of KMS is a way to show your displeasure or disgust over a content. Here are ways you can use KMS if you are having a conversation with someone:

1. To Fake Anger

One of the popular ways to include KMS in your message to someone is when you are trying to fake anger to your friend or loved one. It could be on any social media platform.

2. Suicidal Threat

Another way to use KMS is a way of expressing how depressed or sad you are. It can be a way of communicating that you are suicidal.

3. Exaggeration Of Feelings

This short hand can also be used to exaggerate your feelings or even overreact to situations that are unfavorable.

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What To Do When Someone Sends You KMS On Snapchat

We have mentioned that KMS can be used in different context, sometimes, it can be more serious than we think it is. Whenever you are having a conversation with someone and he or she sends you KMS, you need to check out how serious the person sounds. If it is a serious message, it might mean the person is in danger and needs help right away.

However, if it just an overreaction, you can send a text to apologize on what probably triggered him or her to send that message of frustration.

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat From A Girl

Teenagers and young adults can be very wild with the use of slangs over the internet, If you are a parent and you are probably wondering why a girl sent KMS to your son, relax, It is simply a way of communicating her frustration over a situation on chat. It can also mean the girl is in danger, the best thing to do is communicate this with your child so that you would know what step to take.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is KMS Over Text?

KMS is the internet shorthand for kill myself. It can be used to express frustration, discomfort or sadness in a situation

2. What Does POV Slang Mean?

Anywhere you come across “POV”, it means Point of view.

3. What Does TBH Mean On Snapchat?

TBH is a shorthand for “To be honest” over texts

4. What Is KMS In The Urban Dictionary?

The urban meaning of KMS is practically the same with the real meaning which is “kill myself”.

5. What Does SMH Stand For

SMH is the short form for “shaking my head”


KMS is one of the most used slangs on Snapchat, not having an idea of what it is can lead you to confusion. It is important that you begin to master most of the slangs used to enjoy using the app more. I hope this article was very helpful to you. If you have any question on this topic, let us know in the comment section down below!

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