How Much Is Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria? Why Is Stag Beetle Expensive?

The Stag Beetle Is One Of The Endangered Species In The World. Find Out What A Stag Beetle Costs As Well As Where To Sell A Stag Beetle. 

Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria

Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria: Do you know you can make millions by just selling a Stag beetle? Yes, you heard right. Do you wish to know more about stag beetle? Then, you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to give you details on how much a stag beetle costs, what stag beetle can be used for as well as why it costs so much money. If you are interested, then keep reading this article.

Stag beetle has been a topic that has attracted a lot of people over time because there are claims that one can sell it for millions of naira. Let us find out how through these claims are, so if you ever find a stag beetle, you would know what to do with it.

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What Is Stag Beetle?

Stag beetles are very rare insects who population is largely declining across Europe. One of the most notable things about stag beetle is their size. Male stag beetles can measure up to 7.5 centimeters long when they are measured with their jaws. This means then, that the largest beetle in the whole of Europe is stag beetle. Stag beetles are mostly found across south-east England. This is because they spend majority of their life cycle underground, they are highly influenced by both climate and soil type.

Identification of stag beetle should be quite easy. The head and thorax of a stag beetle are shiny black and the and their wings cases are chestnut brown. Male stag beetles appear to have huge antlers. Although, Stag beetles are very scare in the United Kingdom, they are very common around Thames Valley area.

Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria

We mentioned in the earlier that stag beetle costs a lot of money. Many people want to find out how much stag beetle costs in Nigeria. Stag beetle have been having their natural habitats pulled down. This makes it very much harder to find. Due to how scarce this insect is, it makes it very expensive. If you have a stag beetle in Nigeria, you can sell it for up to 34 million naira.

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How To Catch Stag Beetle

Considering how expensive a stag beetle can be, it would be important to address how to catch a stag beetle. It can be very difficult trying to locate a stag beetle due to how scarce it is, it is also a very fast insect which makes it more difficult to catch. If you are not patient enough, you would not be able to capture this insect.

If you have succeeded in capturing a stag beetle, effort must be made to keep it in a conducive environment so that it can survive outside its natural habitat.

Stag Beetle Uses

A lot of people seem to wonder what people do with stag beetle. It is one thing that stag Beetles are very expensive due to how rare it is, it is also important to note that stag beetle has a lot of uses. Stag beetles can be very medicinal. Yes! Which is quite surprising. The horns of stag beetles have been found to be very useful in relieving pains and cramps.

The head of stag beetle can also be used to fight nervous disorder. The oil of a stag beetle can also be used to mitigate the convulsions accompanying an epileptic seizure in children. Powdered stag beetle can also be used to treat rheumatism and difficulties during child birth. Overall, Stag beetle can be used in treating malaria.

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Stag Beetle Price In Dollar

You can get paid up to $80,000 for just selling your stag beetle.

Why Is Stag Beetle Expensive?

Many people want to find out why stag beetle is so expensive. Well, this insect happens to also be the most expensive insect in the world so it is very valid to find out what makes it so expensive. Stag beetle are really expensive due to how rare it is. In fact, it is almost going extinct. This is why when you have a stag beetle, you have gold in your hands.

Apart from the fact that stag beetle is going extinct, its medicinal uses also make it very expensive.

Where To Sell Stag Beetle

It is one thing to catch a stag beetle, it is another thing to be able to sell it. If you do not know where to sell your stag beetle, there is no way you would be able to get the millions attached to it. There are different places you can sell your stag beetle in Nigeria.

If you wish to sell you stag beetle, you can do so through websites like Insect Net market place. You would need to create an account on this site before you would be able to sell any insect there. You can also sell your stag beetle through Insect sale which is also an online platform. Since Stag beetles are almost going extinct, you can sell it at the museums where you would be paid a whole lot of money for this.

The next time you find a stag beetle, don’t kill it, you can sell it to get money!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Strong Is A Stag Beetle?

Male stag beetles have enlarged Jaws that enables them bite 7 times as forceful as females.

2. How Do Beetles Reproduce?

Female Beetles reproduces by laying dozens or hundreds of eggs.

3. How Long Does It Take For Beetles To Lag Eggs?

Beetles lay their eggs 9-20 days after emergence. They lay for two per three months and then die.

4. Do Beetles Fly Or Crawl?

Some Beetles fly while some others cannot fly

5. What Insect Fly Faster?

The fastest flying insect is the dragon fly

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