List Of Accredited School Of Nursing In Lagos: Tuition Fees & Admission Requirements

List Of Accredited School Of Nursing In Lagos: Tuition Fees & Admission Requirements. Check Out If Your School Is Among The Accredited Schools Of Nursing In Lagos. 

School Of Nursing In Lagos

List Of Accredited School Of Nursing In Lagos: Tuition Fees & Admission Requirements: Imagine going through school and then at the verge of graduating, it is discovered that your school is not an accredited school? Of course, you would not get a certificate. Sounds really scary. To save people the mental and emotional stress of going through this, I have written this article to help you know what nursing schools in Lagos are accredited as well as what it would take you to be admitted to each of the schools as well as the tuition fees.

If you are interested, relax, stay back while I take you through this interesting piece.

What Does Accreditation Mean?

If you are wondering what accreditation means, then accreditation is an evaluative decision made by a recognized accrediting agency or institution that a particular university or school or specialized program complies with the standards of membership of the accrediting body.

Admission Requirements For Nursing Schools

Basically, every school has its own admission requirement standards by generally, you need to have a senior secondary school certificate or equivalent with five credits including English language, health science, biology, physics as well as chemistry.

Some schools require you have 200+ in UTME however, not all schools require this exam. For post basic nursing schools, they usually require that you are a registered nurse before you apply.

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List Of Accredited School Of Nursing In Lagos

Here is a detailed list of the accredited schools of nursing we have in Lagos presently:

1. School Of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

The Lagos university teaching hospital school of nursing is one of the accredited schools of Nursing in Lagos. It also happens to be the best school of nursing in Lagos. It is a government school based in the university teaching hospital that prepares students on how to be professional as far as the nursing field is concerned.

This institution gives students a three-year program with courses that are in line with the nursing curriculum. The school of Nursing, Lagos university teaching hospital fee is less than 250,000 NGN.

2. The University Of Lagos, Department Of Nursing Science

Next on our list, we have the university of Lagos, department of nursing science. This school of nursing is located with the university of Lagos. To be able to be admitted into this school of nursing, you need to apply through Jamb and its program runs for a period of 4-5 years. The school fee is very affordable and it is around 100,000 NGN including other expenses. If you are on a budget, you can opt for this school.

3. Igando School Of Nursing

Igando school of nursing is the third accredited nursing school we have on our list. This school of nursing offers a variety of programs for students. However, applicants of this school must be between the ages of 18 and 23. The school fees is around 230,000 NGN and these fees include housing in your first years and must be paid before resumption.

4. School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba

Next on our list, we have school of nursing military hospital, Yaba. This school is recommended for you if you wish to be a nurse and work with the military. However, there are details of the school fees of the school of nursing military hospital Yaba are not available online but it is quite affordable.

5. Igbobi School Of Post Basic Nursing

Next on our list, we have Igbobi school of post basic nursing. This school is recommended for people that want to continue their education in the field of nursing. This school gives opportunity to two programs which are: Basic orthopedic nursing and post basic accident and emergency nursing.

However, if you want to be admitted into this school of nursing, you must have a license and be a registered nurse with the National league of Nursing. The school fee for this institution is very affordable and it is between 150,000 NGN to 200,000 NGN.

6. School Of Psychiatry Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Yaba

The school of psychiatry nursing, federal neuropsychiatric Yaba is also among the accredited school of nursing in Lagos. This school comes highly recommended for people that want to work in the field of nursing when it comes to caring for psychiatric patients and learning everything you need to know about their overall mental health. Information on the school fee for this institution is not available online.

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7. School Of Post Basic Pediatric Nursing, LUTH

We also have the school of post basic pediatrics nursing, LUTH on our list of accredited nursing schools in Lagos state. This school is situated in the Lagos university teaching hospital, it is basically a pediatric nursing school that teaches students and prepares them to deal with issues related to children and their health. Overall, it teaches you how to care for children’s health.

8. School Of Post Basic A&E Nursing

Lastly on our list, we have the school of post basic A&E nursing. Applicants that want to attend this school must know that they need to first obtain a registered nurse license. This school aims to expand your knowledge in the areas of the field of nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Is Nursing School Fees In Lagos?

Nursing schools in Lagos’s school fees range from 50,000 NGN to 200,000 NGN and even more

2. Which School Of Nursing Does Not Require JAMB In Lagos State?

The Lagos state school of nursing.

3. What Is The Cheapest Nursing School In Nigeria?

Abia school of nursing and midwifery is the cheapest school of nursing in Nigeria.

4. How Many Years IS Nursing School In Lagos?

Nursing schools in Lagos are usually up to four years for the award of the registered nurse.

5. Will I Go For NYSC After School Of Nursing?

Most schools of nursing do not have their graduates serves in the NYSC program because their training is already a specialized professional course. Although, if you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or any other course, you would be eligible to go for the NYSC program.

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We have listed all the accredited nursing schools we have in Lagos currently. If your nursing school is not among these, then your school is not accredited and you know what that means. If you are a potential student, it is important for you to know the admission requirements for each of the schools before you apply.

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