Lizzo Weight, Net Worth, Age, Songs, Boyfriend And More

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About The Singer And Rapper Lizzo, Including Her Weight, Age, Songs, Boyfriend And More. 

Lizzo Weight

Lizzo Weight: There are so many talented professional musician all over the world in which need to be talked about more. They might be popular already and may not need extra promotion but fans would need to know more about their favs. In this article, we will be talking about the American singer and rapper who is known for her great musical talent, her name Lizzo.

Are you looking to know more about Lizzo? Do you what to know what she weighs? Her net worth and much more? Keep reading this article to get more information on the singer songwriter and rapper Lizzo.

Who Is Lizzo?

Melissa Viviane Jefferson professionally known as Lizzo was born on the 27th of April 1988. She is an American rapper and singer born in Detroit, Michigan and later on moved to Houston, Texas with her family when she 10 years old.  After her college, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she began her recording career in the hip hop music. She has been active in the music industry way back since 2011 till this present day. The 35 year old rapper and singer is known in music for her versatility in the genres Hip hop, Soul, R&B and funk pop, she plays the flute instrument also.

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She attained mainstream success with the release of her third studio album, Cuz I Love You in 2019 which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200. Her 2017 “Truth Hurts” topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and became the longest leading solo song by a female rapper.

Asides singing and rapping, Lizzo has also worked as an actor; she served as a voice actor in the animated film Uglydolls and appeared in the crime comedy-drama film Hustlers in 2019. She is also the host of the Amazon Prime Video reality television series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls which she won the prime time Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition program.

Lizzo Early Career

Lizzo began her music career while in Minneapolis where she recorded and released her first two studio albums, Lizzzobangers in 2013 and Big Grrrl Small World in 2015 before she got signed into Nice Life Recording Company and Atlantic records. She also performed with groups including the electro soul-pop duo Lizzo & the Larva Ink. In this time, she helped form a three-piece all female rap/R&B group, the Chalice which in 2012 they released their first album, We Are the Chalice which was successful locally.

In 2013 she was one of five artists to form the hip hop group Grrrl prty, which released two Eps before playing its final show at Rock the Garden and later disbanding in 2016. In 2019 while she ventured into acting with her voice performance in the UglyDolls and her supporting role in the film Hustlers. She dropped her third studio album Cuz I Love You, on the 19th of April 2019 which after the drop, she performed at the Coachella Music festival for the first time.

The release of this album marked a turning point in Lizzo’s career as she began to attract more mainstream attention. The album debuted at the number six on the Billboard 200 and three months after its release peaked at number four on the chart.

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Lizzo Nickname

When Lizzo and her family moved to Houston, Texas her friends called her Mio which is gotten from her real name Melissa, then later, her band maters from the Cornrow Clique started calling her Lisso which later evolved to Lizzo.

Lizzo Personal Life

Throughout lizzo’s career, she has been subjected to body shaming due to her obesity while she is still considered a role model and advocate for body positivity and self-confidence. In December 2019, she sparked controversy at an LA Lakers game when she danced and twerked to her song Juice while wearing a dress that revealed her thong.

On January 5th 2020, Lizzo stopped using twitter citing that too many trolls was the leading factor for her departure adding she that would be back when she feels like it. Which leaves her twitter account being updated by her management as she remains active in Instagram.

Lizzo grew up attending the Church if God in Christ. In 2022, she was romantically linked to comedian Myke Wright. In October she received criticism for calling Chris Brown her favorite person in the whole world. In August 2024, three former backup dancers filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, her production company, and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley, accusing them of sexual, religious and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault, false imprisonment and weight shaming. Lizzo denied the alegations made against her calling them unbelievable.

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Lizzo Family

Lizzo birthed by Micheal Jefferson and Shari Johnson-Jefferson is the youngest of three children having an older sister and an older brother. Vanessa Jefferson, Lizzo’s older sister born in 1983 works at an online store. While, Mikey Jefferson, Lizzo’s older brother has his birth year out of the public, but for certain is older than Lizzo.

Lizzo Award

Lizzo with a total of 13 nominations of the Grammy awards she has won a total of 4 Grammy Awards for the categories Best Record(2024) “About Damn Time”, and winning three in one night and receiving eight nominations in 2020 for categories Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Urban Contemporary Album and best Traditional R&B Performance. Lizzo has also received a number of awards other than the Grammys such as; a Primetime Emmy Award, two Soul Train Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award, a BET award and a Guinness World Record.

Lizzo Song

The talented singer and rapper, Lizzo has a number of songs but here are her top songs so far; Good as Hell(2019), Boys(2019), Tempo(2019), About Damn Time(2022), Juice(2019), Jerome(2019), Worship(2016), Fitness(2018) and many more.

Lizzo Age

Lizzo who was was born on the 27th of April 1988. She is an American rapper and singer born in Detroit, Michigan. She is 35 years old currently.

Lizzo Weight

Lizzo Weight

At the start of Lizzo’s weight loss journey, she weighed about 308 pounds. But after a strenuous effort was put, she lost about 60 pounds. Lizzo currently is weighing about 258 pounds.

Lizzo Net Worth

Years before the Good as Hell Singer and rapper skyrocketed into the seven figure realm, she spent about six months living in her car. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Lizzo’s current Net Worth in 2024 is $40 million.

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Lizzo Boyfriend

As of 2021 which Lizzo and Comedian and actor Myke Wright been linked, the couple are still currently together as of this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Lizzo Have Any Kids?

NO, Lizzo does not any kids.

2. How Did Lizzo Lose Weight?

In 2020, Lizzo started her weight loss journey and started with a Smoothie Detox Diet plus she stated in one of her IG post that she was going to start eating healthy and hit the gym also.

3. What Does Lizzo Say About Being Fat?

“I’m not trying to be fat, I’m not trying to be smaller, I’m literally just trying to be alive and healthy. This is what my body looks like even when I’m eating super clean and working out” Lizzo tweeted in response to a tweet.

4. Are Lizzo And Rihanna Friends?

Lizzo responded In an interview with variety “We are friendly”….

5. How Does Lizzo Eat?

At lunch, Lizzo always likes to have her favorite salad made from all green vegetables.


This article has given an extensive run down information about the singer and rapper Lizzo from her personal life to her romantic life. Any information you might need on the American Music might be found in this article.

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