Lead City University School Fees, Courses, Portal, Dress Code

Lead City University Is A Well Known Private University In Nigeria. Find Out How Much It Would Cost You To School There, Courses Available As Well As Dress Code. 

Lead City University School Fees

Lead City University School Fees: Are you searching for information about lead city university? Do you wish to study at lead city university? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about lead city university as a prospective student. If you are interested in this, then keep reading this article.

About Lead City University

Lead city university is a private university approved by the federal government of Nigeria. It was established very recently in 2005. It is located in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. Although, being a private university, it seems to be one of the most competitive universities. In the later part of this article, we are going to unveil more about lead city university. Stay tuned!

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Lead City University School Fees

Lead city university school fees varies depending on the course you wish to study. The cheapest courses starts from 300,000 NGN to 5,500,000. The most expensive course being Medicine.

Lead City University Courses

If you are looking for the courses offered by lead city university, here is the list of courses offered by lead city university:

  • Accounting
  • Anatomy
  • Architecture
  • Banking & Finance
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Education
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science & Information Science
  • Computer Science With Economics
  • Computer With Electronics
  • Criminology & Security Studies
  • Cyber Security
  • Economics
  • Education & Biology
  • Education & Chemistry
  • Education & Computer Science
  • Education & Economics
  • Education & English Language
  • Education & Mathematics
  • Education & Physics
  • Education & Social Studies
  • Educational Management
  • Electrical /Electronics Engineering
  • English & Literary Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Environmental Management & Toxicology
  • Forensic Science
  • French
  • Geology
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Industrial Relations & Personnel Mgt
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Library & Information Science
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communication & Media Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing Science
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Office & Information Management
  • Performing Arts & Culture
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Public Health
  • Radiography
  • Religious Studies
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Software Engineering
  • Teacher Education Science
  • Wood Products Engineering

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Lead City University Portal

The official portal for lead city university is https://portal.lcu.edu.ng.

Lead City University Dress Code

The University expects all students to be decently and corporately dressed and have on them their Identity Cards, University Branded Lapel Pins while on campus or on excursions or institutional engagements outside the University environment. Here is the dress code for every student of Lead city university.

1. Dress Code for All Female Students

  • During normal lectures, public lectures, special ceremonies, Matriculation, Founder’s Day, Convocation and Examination, all female students must be corporately dressed. To be corporately dressed connotes a smart skirt suit and blouse, or a smart dress with a pair of neat, covered shoes or sandals.
  • Dresses should be of kneel length. The wearing of sleeveless dresses or dresses with very tiny singlet-like straps (spaghetti strap), without a jacket, is strictly prohibited in the lecture room and in the university environment.
  • Strapless blouses and scarf are not allowed in lecture halls and the University environment.
  • Over-clinging clothing, including hipsters trousers, are not allowed in the University.
  • Revealing blouses, especially the type of blouse that does not cover the navel, are not allowed in the lecture halls in the University environment.
  • Transparent dresses must be worn with singlet or other forms of inner wears. Ordinary transparent dresses are prohibited. vii. The Use of face-caps in Lecture and Examination Halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Wearing bathroom slippers is not allowed in and around the lecture halls of the University.
  • Female students are advised to wear hairstyles that are neat and becoming of responsible citizens.
  • Female students may wear trouser suits with jacket to match. Tight or clinging trousers are not allowed.
  • Earrings and necklaces may be used by female students, provided they are not the bogus type.
  • Tight, Faded and ¾ Jeans/Trousers are not allowed.
  • Female students can wear low sandals or covered corporate shoes.
  • Piercing of any body part, other than the ear (for earrings), is prohibited, Wearing of anklet (ankle chain) is prohibited).
  • Tattoo on any part of the body is not allowed.
  • Traditional or “native” attires are not allowed.

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2. Dress Code for All Male Students

  • All male students are expected to dress corporately. To be corporately dressed connotes a shirt tucked into a pair of trousers with tie, with or without jacket, and a neat pair of covered shoes.
  • Traditional or “native” attires are not allowed.
  • No male student is allowed to wear scarves, braided hair or earrings in the University. iv. Fastening of trousers below the waistline is not allowed.
  • Wearing of long-sleeved shirts, without buttoning the sleeves well or folding, as desired, is not allowed.
  • Shirt collars should not be left flying vii. Shirts must be properly tucked into the trousers. Polo or T-shirt is not allowed.
  • The practice of pulling down one’s trousers to the hip line is not allowed.
  • Male students are advised to have well-cut hair that is combed regularly.
  • The use of face caps in Lecture and Examination Halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Piercing of any part of the body is prohibited.
  • Tattooing on any part of the body is prohibited.
  • Male students are prohibited from carrying bushy and or “Afro” hair styles.
  • Wearing Palm slippers is not allowed in the lecture halls of the University and around the University premises

3. Uniform Dress Code for Law Students

White shirt with tie / white blouse and black trouser/skirt with or without black jacket is prescribed for female and male students in the Faculty of Law of the University. Law Students must adhere strictly to the Uniform Dress code. The University Administration will consider any violation of this code as a very serious one and severe disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters which may include a written warning, suspension or expulsion.

NB: Students will earn additional credits every semester for compliance to the dress code, participating in Professional Tuition Programmes, satisfactory moral conduct, service to the university community, exemplary behavior and excellence in sporting and extracurricular activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Lead City University Have Dress Code?

Yes, Lead city university has its own dress code for both male and female students of the university.

2. Are Trousers Allowed In Lead City University?

Lead city university allow male students wear trousers. However, it does not allow female students wear trousers.

3. How Can I Locate Lead City University?

You can connect to the University through Challenge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, New Garage or Iwo-Road Expressway.

4. How Many Departments Are There In Lead City University?

There are over Seventy departments. Many programmes are still being approved by the National Universities Commission.

5. How Do I Contact Lead City University?

Admissions Office: 0815 331 8702, 0815 331 8708 | Registrar: 09062068913 | Vice-Chancellor: 08185921818.

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