How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You: 20 Common Signs To Observe

It Is Advisable To Be In A Relationship With Someone That Really Likes You. Check Out Signs To Observe To Find Out If A Girl Really Likes You. 

How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You: Do you have a girl you have been talking to for some time now? Do you want to find out if she really likes you or not? Then you have come to the right place for this information. In this article, I am going to show you all the common signs you can observe and how to know id a girl really likes you. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right into it.

Telling if a person really likes you can be very difficult because you cannot read people’s mind. However, the common signs I am about to show you can be very helpful in telling if a lady likes you or not. I would advise you pay rapt attention to this article in its entirety.

How To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

If you are looking for signs to show a girl really likes you, find some of the most obvious below:

1. Her Family Knows You

One of the most common signs that a girl really likes you is if her family knows you. Most times, ladies introduce only people that are dear to her heart to her immediate family. So, if her family knows you, that’s enough reason to know that she really likes you.

2. She Communicates Freely

Another sign that shows that a girl really likes you is if she communicates freely with you. Ladies suck at trying to express themselves freely especially with the opposite gender. If she has gotten very used to you and she communicates freely, then, she really likes you.

3. She Makes Effort To Continue A Conversation

I have heard a lot of guys complain that the girls they like find it difficult being a good conversationalist. Well, the truth is, if the girl really likes you back, she would make good effort to continue a conversation with you because she does not want it to end.

4. She Compliments You

Another sign to look out for if a girl really likes you is complimenting you. You would often hear things like “You look so good”, “I love your shirt” and many more. This is a good sign especially if you are looking forward to making your relationship official.

5. She Gifts You On Special Occasions

Another way to know a girl really likes you is if she gifts you on special occasions. Special occasions could mean any day that is very important to you like birthdays, anniversary, getting a promotion and so on. It means she loves you and she cares about you.

6. She Avoids Eye Contact With You

If a girl avoids eye contact with you, it means she is shy around you. It can also mean she likes you a lot especially if you often see each other and she still remains shy. If you like her too, it is your time to shoot your shot.

7. Positive Body Language

Another indication that a girl really likes you is her positive body language. You can tell what people think of you or a situation from their body language. For instance, if she wants you very close to you or she listens to everything you say, then that is a positive body language and it means she likes you a lot.

8. She Stares At You Occasionally

A girl may like you if she stares at you occasionally, it means she loves to see you in her space. So, if you catch her stealing glances at you, it is an indication that she likes you.

9. She Creates Time For You

Another sign that a girl really likes you is if she creates time for you. We all know the popular saying that “time is money”. Well, people do not just create time for people they do not love. So, if she makes constant effort to create time for you despite her busy schedule, it means she really likes you.

10. She Reminds You That She Is Single

If she constantly reminds you that she is single, it means she really likes you. She is simply giving you a go ahead to shoot your shot with her.

11. She Finds You Funny

It is not uncommon to find girls find guys that they like funny. So, if she has recently been finding you funny even when you have not said anything hilarious, it means she really likes you.

12. She Always Asks For Your Help

Another sign that a girl really likes you is if she asks for your help for the littlest things. It means that she wants you to always be in her space and she enjoys your company.

13. She Opens Up To You

Not many girls open up to guy unless they really like them. If she comfortably tells you anything without think about you judging her or not, then, she really likes you.

14. She Wants To Do Things With You

Another sign to look out for if you want to know if a girl likes you or not is if she wants to do things with you. Naturally, girls like involving guys they like to do things with them, not because they cannot do it alone, they just want to be closer to you.

15. She Becomes Comfortable Around You

Another indication that a girl really likes you is if she has become very comfortable when she is with you. It is easier to get comfortable around a person you like than who you do not like.

16. She Texts You With A lot Of Emojis

Another obvious sign to look out for that shows she really likes you is if she texts you with a lot of emojis. Emojis are one of the best ways to convey your emotion when texting so if she wants you to see how exactly she feels when you text, it means she likes you.

17. She Texts Back Fast

When a person texts you back fast, it means the person really likes you and enjoys conversing with you, this could pass for both male and female.

18. She Talks About The Future With You

If she talks about the future with you often, it means she is excited to have you in her future and for that, she really likes you.

19. She Is Excited When You Compliment Her

Everybody loves compliments but if she blushes or giggles at the tiniest compliment you make if her, it means she likes you very much.

20. She Remembers Details About You

If a girl keeps or remembers details about you, it means she really cares about you want to be a part of your life. Remembering details can go as far as the littlest things such as: blood group, birthday, your native name and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Impress A Girl While Talking?

There are several ways you can impress a girl while talking. Some of them are: Show concern, don’t be too hard, be a good listener, talk about common interests.

2. How Do I Know If I’m Attractive?

You would know you are attractive if people feel the need to be close to you.

3. What Every Girl Wants In A Man?

Every girl wants a man who is compassionate and empathetic.

4. Should I Text A Girl Everyday?

You do not need to text a girl everyday if you are not officially together. However, you can text her when it feels natural and reciprocated.

5. How Do I Start Looking Attractive?

Looking attractive has to deal a lot with self-care. Some of the ways you can take good care of yourself is:  eat healthy, keep your hair tidy, dress clean smell good.


We have been able to explore 20 signs that a girl really likes you, although, these signs may not be 100% accurate because we cannot read human minds but it is a good start to know who likes you and who does not. If you need more information on this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below.

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