How To Get Original WAEC Certificate Online: WAEC Result Sample

How To Get Original WAEC Certificate Online: WAEC Result Sample. This is a complete steps on How To Print Original WAEC Certificate Online and Requirements For Collection Of WAEC Certificate.

How To Get Original WAEC Certificate Online

Original WAEC Certificate: WAEC stands for the West African Examinations Council. It is a regional examination body that conducts examinations for students in English-speaking West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and The Gambia.

WAEC conducts several examinations, including the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), which is a standardized test taken by students in their final year of secondary school. The WASSCE results are used for university admissions and employment purposes in many West African countries.

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How To Get Original WAEC Certificate Online

It is not possible to obtain an original WAEC certificate online. The process of obtaining an original WAEC certificate typically involves offline procedures. However, I can provide you with general information on how to obtain your WAEC certificate.  Here are the general steps:

  1. Contact your school: Reach out to the school you attended during the time you took the WAEC examination. They may have your original certificate or be able to guide you through the process.
  2. Visit the WAEC office: If your school does not have the certificate, visit the WAEC office in your country or region. You can obtain the address and contact information from the official WAEC website or by contacting your school.
  3. Provide necessary information: At the WAEC office, you will be required to provide your personal details, including your full name, examination year, and examination number. This information will help the officials locate your records.
  4. Complete the required forms: You may need to fill out specific forms provided by the WAEC office. These forms typically require personal details and may involve a fee for certificate issuance.
  5. Verification process: The WAEC office will verify your information and examine their records to confirm your examination results and eligibility for the certificate. This process may take some time, so be prepared for a waiting period.
  6. Collection: Once your certificate is ready, you will be notified by the WAEC office. Visit the office with the necessary identification documents to collect your original WAEC certificate.

Requirements For Collection Of Original WAEC Certificate in WAEC Office

Below are requirements for collection of WAEC Certificate, it doesn’t really require much. Make sure to have the following with you when going there:

  • Your Sworn Affidavit
  • Your Online result print-out
  • One passport-size photograph
  • Your Photo Card
  • Your Identity Card

NOTE: Every Private Candidate will need the above materials. The only additional requirement for anyone using the WAEC office to make the request is the collection fee. It is important!

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The Original WAEC Certificates Collection Fee

Can there be an increment in the amount to pay to collect the Original Certificate?

The Original WAEC Certificate collection fee is N4,700 only. The increment will surely come up if a candidate fails to collect the Certificate at the right time.

There are monetary penalties attached to failure to collect the certificate at due time. The monetary penalties are:

  • 1-4 years: N3,500
  • 5-9 years: N8,500
  • 10-14 years: N13,500
  • 15-19 years: N18,500
  • 20 years and above: N23,500

Ways To Make Payment For Your Original WAEC Certificate

For Private Candidates that are processing their Certificate online, they can make payment through the following ways:

  • Card Payment: make payment online using your debit card on the Card Payment Option.
  • USSD: make use of your bank USSD code to make payment to the designated bank account.
  • Bank-in-Branch: making offline payment from bank to bank in a bank branch.

How To Retrieve A Lost Original WAEC Certificate

WAEC will issues statements of result to the owners of lost certificates or, when necessary, confirms their results for a fee. one can easily retrieve lost Certificate by providing the following information at any WAEC head office nearest to the School you sat for the Exam:

  • Police report to confirm that you lost your original WAEC certificate.
  • Your recent passport.
  • An affidavit for WAEC attestation of result.
  • Online Result Printout that contains your necessary information.

Request the retrieval of your lost certificate through any WAEC official on duty in the WAEC. Follow all the instructions given to you by the Official. Make sure to have your certificate collection fee with you. It cost up to N25,000.

WAEC Result Sample (Sample Of Original WAEC Certificate)

WAEC Result Sample
Sample Of Original WAEC Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Original WAEC Certificate 

How long does it take for original Waec result to be out?

90 Days
At the end of the above examinations the body issues certificates to candidates, normally they are ready 90 Days after the release of the results. It takes 90 days for WAEC Certificates or Original Result to be made available after the release of results.

How can I retrieve my WAEC GCE examination number?

Go to a court and do a sworn affidavit for loss of examination number or photo-card. Take the affidavit and one passport photograph to any WAEC office. You will be charged 2,500 Naira for this service.

Does Waec GCE result expire?

WAEC results do not expire.

How can I check my GCE result without pin?

There is no possible means of checking WAEC result without PIN. WAEC PIN is the secure code that can grant you access to the waec result database successfully.

How can I print GCE result?

To print, simply press the keys Crl with P and the printing block will come up. Check the settings and print. If you are checking via business center, it’s best to call for assistance for the printing.

Can I get my original Waec result online?

it is possible to print their WAEC Certificates online. there is any website to print WAEC original result or certificate. WAEC has an open service to allow candidates to print their certificate directly from their website.

How can I print my Waec original result?

Answer: If you are using desktop or laptop, once the waec certificate show up, go to your file menu and select print, or click on print on the waec certificate page that load up. If you used phone to check your result, save the page, take it to a cyber café, for it to be downloaded and printed out in coloured.

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Collection of original WAEC certificate typically involves offline procedures. You cannot obtain an original WAEC certificate online. The process usually requires contacting your school or visiting the WAEC office nearest to where you wrote the exam. You will need to provide personal information, fill out forms, and pay a fee. The WAEC office will verify your information and exam records before issuing the certificate.

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