How Old Is Moana? Did She Die? More Information About Moana Cast

Discover The Hidden Truth About The Story Of Moana, Find Out How Old She Is, Whether She Died And Every Other Thing You Need To Know. 

How Old Is Moana

How Old Is Moana: So many people in recent times that have seen the Moana movie and are not sure about her death and her age based off of the story. We would talk in details on Moana and if she died in the movie or if she stayed alive. Some may not have seen the movie but have heard this controversy and want to know the real fate of Moana if she died or not.

In this article, we discuss who Moana is, if she died, her age and other special information of the Disney princess Moana. Keep reading to get the ultimate fact and information on Moana.

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Who Is Moana?

Moana is the twelfth official member of the Disney princesses line up. Moana Waialiki who is the titular protagonist of the 2016 Disney animation with the same name. Moana is the daughter of the Chief Tui and Sina born on the island village of Motunui in which has an inherited love for the seas and for voyaging, when her island is endangered by a killing darkness, Moana is chosen by the ocean to journey across the sea to save her race and the world at large given the help of a demigod Maui.

Moana who is a vibrant, sea-loving, headstrong, fearless and capable young woman who lives and thrive on the island but drawn to the ocean to sail out of her comfort zone to save her people when her island was threatened by a dark force. Throughout Moana’s life, voyaging had been prohibited as a means to keep the people of Motunui safe.

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How Old Is Moana?

People have often asked how old is Moana? In the beginning of the film, Moana being a 2-year-old toddler being the daughter of the Chief Tui and Sina. She was clothed in a traditional Polynesian cloth diaper made from simple piece of fabric and decorated with a light brown color and accessories which had a symbolism of her connection to the ocean, her beauty and respect to nature.

Moana who appeared to be a slender with a muscular build with a long wavy black hair, alongside with a thick eyebrows and brown eyes as she grew up. Moana unlike other Disney princess who defying parents and falling in love at ages like 14 and getting married was not romantically inclined. Though it is less of an issue in her story and was more inclined to overcome dangerous challenges and save the world, Moana is 16 years in age.

What was Moana Mission?

Moana who was a sea-loving young woman though voyaging on the sea was prohibited as a means to keep the island safe. Moana is an adventurous teenager who sails out on daring mission to save her people when it is threatened by a mysterious life-dwindling disease. Because of Moana’s strength and passion to save her people and always prove her point, Moana is chosen by the ocean to journey across the sea to save her race and the world at large given the help of a demigod Maui a shapeshifter.

With Moana’s unique connection with the ocean spirit, she can communicate with the ocean the same way she does with humans and ask for guidance and help from the spirit and make them obey her will. These unique abilities helped her win any battle she found herself in. Her everlasting love for her people and the sea, and persistence is what brought her so far to define who she truly is which explains why she was specially chosen to save the world.

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Did Moana Die?

Concerning the death of Moana, some theories have been put to place on what truly happened to Moana. At the start of the movie, Moana perishes in the storm having a shipwreck in the typhoon, and spends the rest of the movie interacting with gods and legendary creatures till the very end of the movie.

One of the theories put to place is that she died at the beginning of the storm and with Maui as her guardian angel with Moana in form of a purgatory or a mythical land of gods with a speculation that she can survive what no other human could.

Another theory implies that Moana was dead in the in the entirety of the movie as that the “Realm of the Monster” was referred to as the underworld.

These theories give off the answer that for a fact that either at the end or the beginning of the movie, that Moana was considered dead for sure.

Did Moana Come Back To Life

After the passing of grandma Tala, her neckless which holds Te Fiti’s heart was presented to young Moana by an older woman. The neckless was known to possess the ability to restore life which is the only item that can save Motunui by reviving Te Fiti. Only after Moana returns the Heart of Te fiti can she brought back to life.

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What Events Did Moana Partake In To Lead To Her Death

During Moana’s cause to save her people and the world at large did she encounter a shipwreck caused by a typhoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Moana Based On A True Story?

The story of Moana is based on a fictional island and story, the culture of Moana is based on a real heritage and history of Polynesian islands.

2. Who Is Te Fiti?

Te Fiti is a goddess of the earth, manifested by lush greens and plant life which is a symbol to earth’s nature.

3. How Old Was Moana When She Died?

Moana was around the age of 16 years.

4. Did Moana And Maui Get Married?

The story was not based on any form of romance, leading to the fact that Moana and Maui being just friends and not involved in any romantic relationship.

5. What Happened To Maui?

So as not to destroy his hook forever, Maui uses the remnant of his power to transform into a hawk and leave Moana’s boat.


In this article, it has been established for a fact that Moana died at some point in the film, her age and other facts about her. if you need more information on this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below!

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