Does It Snow In Australia? 10 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter

Does It Snow In Australia? Find Out Amazing Facts About Winter In Australia And More In This Post. 

Does It Snow In Australia

Does It Snow In Australia: Australia and snow may not seem to be a perfect combination because Australia seems to be a red scotching desert while snow is cold. Well yes it actually snows in Australia regularly. Are you looking for perfect places to go on vacation and enjoy snow during winter? Keep reading this article to know more on the top places you can go around the world to enjoy snow during the winter season.

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When Does It Snow In Australia?

The best time to experience snow in Australia varies based on the state you live in. Winter is usually the best time to see snow which runs from June to August, in colder parts of the country  you might experience snow as early as May or even as late as October.

Where Does It Snow In Australia?

In Australia, it snows in several states such as the New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria. New South Wales is the home to the magnificent Snowy Mountains. The Snowy Mountains receives an average of 1.9 meters of snowfall per year which is enough to make a whole lot of snow angels and snowmen.

Snow can also be found in Tasmania at Ben Lomond National Park. Located roughly a three hour drive from Hobart and one hour drive from Launceston. The Ben Lomond National Park is the go to destination for skiers and snowboarders. There are so many other states in snows in Australia.

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10 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter

Are you planning to go snowing in Australia? Or making personal research to know more about places to enjoy snow during winter? Keeping reading to get desired information.

1. Thredbo

Thredbo is one of the most popular ski resorts in New South Wales located in the Snowy Mountains. It has its skiing season from June long weekend until October long weekend. With a price range from $169 for adults and $89 for kids. Sip a steamy hot chocolate from café in the village and explore the range of extra activities including night skiing on Thursdays and Saturday evenings, flare runs and family-friendly snow play. Thredbo has around 480 hectares of snow terrain for all levels; novices, masters and pros.

2. Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham is located in the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, found 357 KM from Melbourne. It is made up of the Alpine village, 320 hectares of snow fields included with downhill runs, cross country trails, jumps and terrain parks, plus ski-in, ski out accommodation and 13 lifts. The Victoria’s Mount Hotham should be on your radar if you are looking for where to hit the slopes in the winter.

3. Perisher

In comparison to others, Perisher is a relatively new ski resort established inn 1995 inclusive of all the facilities from Perisher valley. There are 47 lifts, a range of ski runs, extensive cross-country skiing trails and even a snow-tubing park. It is the largest ski resort in Australia situated in the Picturesque Kosciuszko National Park. In the Perisher, one of the most popular bars is the Overflow Bar which is a great spot to watch the sunset behind front valley. From the end of June until the beginning of September, you will be privy to neon light skiing and boarding under lights.

4. Falls Creek

Falls Creek is an all season resort town in northeastern Victoria, Australia offering a sweeping view of the entire Victorian alpine through forests and high plains. It has a massive 65 kilometers of skiable terrain, cross-country, downhill skiing and boarding. The mega place is 90 runs which includes Summit and Wombat’s Ramble which you can access through 14 lifts.

5. Mount Buller

In Mount Buller in the high country, you can appreciate the scenic views from a chairlift. Experience cross-country skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, riding a dog sledge and more fun activities. Also explore a collection of ski memorabilia at the National alpine museum.

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6. Charlotte Pass

The highest resort in Australia, Charlotte Pass is completely snowbound in winter and being smaller than Perisher and Thredbo, has a special quality that appeals to families. There are no long lift lines, all accommodation is ski-in, ski-out.

7. Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is only a two hour drive from Melbourne, so its doable in a day. It is great for families, international visitors short on time and now first timers. The mountain offers snow play, tobogganing, cross-country skiing snowboard lessons for kids and snow-shoeing.

8. Selwyn Snow Resort

The Selwyn Snow Resort located at 213A Kings Criss Rd, Cabramurra NSW 2629 which has its ski season from June to October and a price range of $114.30 for adults and $80.10 for kids. It is home to a cozy, family friendly ski resort, with slopes suited to a variety of skill level. The family owned and operated ski spot has long been popular holiday destination in the Snowy Mountains. If offers a range of progressive terrains that allows you to test out your skills before tackling the more challenging runs.

9. Mounth Bew Baw Alpine Resort

Downhill skiing enthusiasts should plan a day out from Melbourne to Mount Baw Baw. This is the closest downhill ski run snowfield to the city and the drive will take you just under three hours each way on arrival you will have access to more than 35 hectares of ski runs. The hilly terrain is also a mecca for hikers and mountain bikers at other times of the year. Mount Baw Baw is one of the few Australian ski resorts to offer yukigassen a Japanese snow fighting.

10. Mount Stirling

Mount Stirling is crisscrossed with more than 68 km of maintained trails that wind through sheltered woodlands of Alpine Ash and Snow Gums. Intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders can trek to the summit across pristine fresh tracks and through stunning alpine landscape. Mount Stirling has a range of trails for snow shoers to explore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Resort Has Best Snow In Australia?

Thredbo is still the top Snow Resort in Australia.

2. How Many Snow Resorts Are There In Australia?

The alpine regions of Autralia are found manily in the two states of the New South Wales and Victoria. There are ski 16 resorts in Australia.

3. Does It Snow In Brisbane Australia?

It does not snow in Brisbane but a light snowfall has been reported in southern queensland

4. What Is The Biggest Snow Park In Australia?

The Perisher is currently the largest ski area, offering 1,250 ha of slopes.

5. What Months Does It Snow In Australia?

Winter in Australia takes place from June to August


This article has been able to give an ultimate guide of the top places in Australia to enjoy the snow in winter. It has also been able give insights on the periods of snow in the country.

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