BVN Code For All Banks In Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile)

BVN Code For All Banks In Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile). Learn How To Retrieve Your BVN From Your Phone If You Have Misplaced It. 

BVN Code For All Banks

BVN Code For All Banks In Nigeria: Nothing is as frustrating as losing your BVN number, thanks to technology, we can now all get our BVN numbers from our mobile phones instead of going bank to get it anytime we cannot find it. In this article, we are going to address how to register for BVN as well as ho to retrieve it if you have by chance misplaced it. First, let’s look at what BVN represents.

What Is BVN?

BVN is the abbreviation of Bank verification number. The BVN is a unique number that is given and validated by all financial institutions. Typically, the information on your BVN should match all the information provided on the personal bank account. Every person’s BVN is an 11-digit number and no two persons can have the same BVN number.

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Requirements For A BVN (Bank Verification Number)

In 2014, the central bank of Nigeria announced the need for a bank verification number, this means that every account number now need a personal BVN. People that do not have access to this information cannot operate the account. The whole essence was to increase account security. BVN consists of a person’s biological information such as: Finger print, signature, a passport. You are the only one that can do a BVN on your account, no one else help you.

Getting a BVN from your bank should be quite easy. Generally, these are the requirements for you to get a bank verification number from your bank:

  • You need a valid means of identification (International passport, voter card, national identity card, driver’s license) any of these can be used for your BVN with clear picture
  • You need to complete the enrollment form

Your details would then be captured and you would be given a ticket ID, after a few days, your BVN would be sent to the phone number you used to register for your BVN.

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BVN Enrolment Locations

The Bank verification number (BVN) is a unique number across all the banks in the Nigerian banking industry. You can engage in secure transactions at any point of banking operations in the country.

BVN Enrolment For Nigerians In Diaspora

People have often asked how Nigerians in diaspora can do their own BVN, this section hopes to give you the answer to your question. Nigerians that are based abroad can register for bank verification number at enrollment centers that are located in United states of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, France, Canada, India, Brazil, Italy and so on. Additionally, you would be required to provide your international passport as a valid means of identification.

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Benefits Of The Bank Verification Number

There are various reasons why you need a bank verification number. We are going to address some of them below:

  • The BVN is a means of identification across all banks in the country
  • Through the use of BVN, verification and validation of the customer’s identity would be seamless across different electronic platforms.
  • Cyber fraud can be curbed with the use of BVN
  • BVN can be used as a means for financial institutions to track its customers. This is very necessary especially with loan repayment
  • With your BVN, you can easily use digital banking which would in turn reduce the queues in banking halls drastically
  • BVN improves banking efficiency in its totality
  • You can easily link all your accounts together with the use of BVN

How To Check Your BVN With Your Phone

If you want to get your BVN number, you can do so with your mobile number and with any network (MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile), as long as it is the number you used to register your BVN. Here are the steps to checking your BVN via USSD:

  • Dial *565*0# on the phone number you used for your BVN registration
  • Your BVN would then appear on the screen of your phone
  • Copy the number or take a screenshot of it if you are using a smart phone and keep it safe for future references.

NOTE: It is also important for you to know that it is not free to check your BVN on USSD from your phone, you would be required to pay a fee of 20NGN. This amount would be deducted from your airtime on your phone, so, if you do not have up to 20 NGN on your number, you would not be able to get your BVN. This then calls for extra care with your BVN so that you do not have to pay all the time to get it.

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BVN Code For All Banks In Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile)

We have mentioned earlier that you would can check your BVN through USSD and the code for all network is *565*0#

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Get My BVN Number From 9mobile?

Dial *565*0# from your 9mobile line and wait for their prompt.

2. How Can I Check My BVN Without Airtime?

You can check your BVN only with airtime by dialing *565*0# on the phone number linked to your bank account.

3. Can I Check My BVN With Another Number?

You can check your BVN with another number by dialing *565*0# from any phone number. The code works for all banks as long as it is registered with the Central bank of Nigeria

4. Can Someone Do BVN Two Times?

There is no way you can do BVN twice as it is a unique identity that captures your biometrics, you cannot do double biometrics.

5. Can BVN Be Used To Steal Money?

Yes, fraudsters can use a bank customer’s BVN to steal funds from the individual’s bank account


This article has explained how you can you can get your Bank verification number as well as how you can retrieve it if you have by chance lost it. Overall, you need to keep your BVN secure so that a fraudster does not have access to it, it is very dangerous giving out your BVN to a third party as well.

I really hope this article was able to provide all the answers to the questions you had.

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